J1000 VST Plugins for Win32
MQ57 v1.63
Parametric M/S equalizer designed for mastering. MQ57 has all controls and functions optimized for mastering needs. It has relatively wide Q factors that focus on overall balance rather than narrow cuts and boosts, moderate gain ranges for fine-tuning and functions such as channel linking and precise cut filters. 2.6 Mb
MQ55 v1.52
Parametric mixing equalizer based on MQ57. Most of the functions are the same, except that MQ55 operates only in stereo mode, has cut filters with milder slopes and greater operating ranges and gain ratio that acts like dry/wet control. 2.4 Mb
DQ65 v1.01
Dynamic parametric equalizer that has two gain controls per filter - one for high levels of input signal, other for low. Input signal can be scaled to utilize it's range completely. All other controls function the same way as in standard parametric EQs. Built for mixing purposes, especially for instruments and sounds with wide and varying dynamic range. 2.6 Mb
SX36 v1.6
Multi-band stereo processor that separates audio into low, mid and high frequencies and lets you change their stereo properties - width and panning or rotation. Both crossover points are adjusted with single knob. It has simple meters for each range showing correlation or panning. 2.5 Mb
CL36 v1.01
Multi-band soft-clipper that shares layout and crossover network with SX36. Each frequency range has identical controls - clipping amount and bias, output gain and modulation. It's great for taming transients of percussive sounds and generally instruments with sharp attacks and decays. Equally useful on full-mixes for squeezing out few extra dBs. 2.5 Mb
BTQ2 v1.01
Simple equalizer that twists bass and treble using two interlocked pairs of shelf and peak filters. Some famous studio equalizers use this method to achieve deep bass and sparkling treble while simultaneously reducing muddiness and harshness. Main advantage of BTQ2 is that it allows you to get desired results quickly. 2.2 Mb
CH4D v1.11
Classic chorus effect with four delay taps, two per L/R channel, and adjustable resonant cut filters. Each delay tap is modulated by advanced LFO which has less obvious repetitive effect on processed signal than basic oscillator shapes. 2.2 Mb
Focus v1.0
The most important part of every mix is midrange. That's the part every listener will hear, no matter if he/she is listening to it on hi-fi system or on laptop, in front of sound source or from another room. Focus plugin has no controls at all. It removes lowest and highest frequencies and sums left and right channel to mono. You should load it in your DAW on master bus and use it to temporarily disregard less important mix aspects. 1.2 Mb
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