J1000 VST Plugins Windows 32-bit compatible CONTACT
Plugin Version Date Description Download
MQ55 1.0 07/21/2013 Parametric mixing equalizer based on MQ57. Most of the functions are the same, except that MQ55 operates only in stereo mode, has more flexible pass filters and has gain ratio that acts like dry/wet control. This is my go-to EQ for music production. 4.7 Mb
MQ57 1.11 07/21/2013 Parametric equalizer designed for mastering. MQ57 has all controls and functions optimized for mastering needs, i.e., it has relatively wide Q factors that focus on overall balance rather than narrow cuts and boosts, moderate gain ranges for fine-tuning and functions such as channel balance, spectrum tilting and precise pass filters. 5.3 Mb
PQ33 1.31 11/19/2012 Mixing equalizer loosely based on Portico 5033 hardware unit. The goal was to create effective plugin that won't distract with flashy graphics and animations, that will disregard exact numerical values and place focus on the sound and finally, prioritize user-friendliness over complexity. Try it and see if this approach makes equalization easier for you. 3.7 Mb
QX24 1.2 01/15/2013 Simple hybrid equalizer/exciter. Using it properly you'll be able to accent instrument's character making it more prominent in the mix. Sound gets harmonically enhanced mostly with 2nd and 3rd harmonic, but if you push it past moderate drive levels it gets much brighter - experiment and find the best way to utilize it. 3.5 Mb
SX36 1.0 07/22/2013 Three-band stereo processor that separates audio into low, mid and high frequencies and lets you manipulate their stereo properties - width and panning or rotation. Crossover points are easily adjusted with single knob. It has simple meters for each range showing correlation or panning. High-pass filter cuts unwanted frequencies on side channel for more stable bass. 4.4 Mb
Plugins have been made in Synthedit, using modules by: Christian-W. Budde, Dave Haupt, Peter Schoffhauzer, Daz Disley, Kelly Lynch and Rob Herder.